Can’t unban players

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I need to unban a player but I can’t see my banned list in admin panel please help?

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Hey there,

As for this particular issue,

  • is the list no longer visible or is it not loading the names inside it? As a new user, you can add a screenshot with (only copy/past the end of the link you get for your picture).
  • are you playing modded? If so, check if your mods are up-to-date.

There’s a known issue with certain features no longer accepting SteamID with the implementation of Funcom Live Services. The developers are looking into this.

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IF you go to your g-portal settings on the site, there should be a a txt file listed called blacklist. open it and delete what ever names you need. then restart server. that should do it.

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Ok You are posting under Ps4. Last week we banned some one from our server. I believe originally ban list and white list where on gportal website settings . Ban option is in ingame admin setting. Perhaps go to white list and install that person in white list.

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