Need Funcom to QA if gportal .txt ban file is working

Game mode: Online PVP Private
Problem: Bug
Region: US East

I think i have found a way to create the Gportal .txt file to ban on PS4, but there is a bug where i cannot see the ID’s of who i banned once they are kicked. It is just a blank list of UNBAN button options. The count is the same as the number of people i banned.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to Gportal side and in config file/banned.txt type in list of PSN IDs to ban.
  2. Restart Server, and check ingame palyer list
  3. There is a list of UNBAN buttons, but no names showing up with them.
  4. Need confirmation this effectively banned the players from my private.
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Hey @WhatMightHaveBeen

We’ll send it to our team so they can see what’s going on. For the time being, the players banned should remain banned no matter if they display or not in the in-game list.

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Thanks. Yeah, i haven’t had anyone say anything about them being on, and they know they got banned and what for. Figure it is just a visual bug on the menu.

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