Invisible bases

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Oceania PVP Official #2970]

While searching for the base of the level 60 clan that raided our early base multiple times then destroyed it, I found what appears to be a invisible base that I suspect belongs to “Get this bread” clan.
Thralls and pets can be seen floating in mid air and on the ground around the area.
the Thralls are untouchable but react to other NPCs.
The area is also not claimed in that I can lay down foundations around the area.

I’ve been to this area 2-3 time so far and not seen any structures here at all.
This base appeared in the top right corner of J6.

Since then I have also seen similar invisible bases on Oceania PVE official 2947.
Less of an issue in that game as it is not being used an exploit to make a base invulnerable to counter raids.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log onto Oceania PVP Official #2970
2.Find one instance of an invisible base in the bottom half of the map. Located in J6
3.Log on at different time to find no structures at this location
4. Find similar instances on Oceania PVE official 2947.

that a base who decayed.

base decay if a player do not come near before the decay timer hit 0.

pet and thralls desapear if the player do not log in for 2 weeks. but it’s not based on proximity.

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Hello @Darkheart, thank you for reaching out!

As azaroth has mentioned, that’s likely the result of a base having decayed.

The team is looking into an issue regarding pet decay as well, but it’s expected that they outlast the base’s decay timer.

Ahh that makes sense. Thanks for that.

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