Invisible Greater Shaleback

My Greater Shaleback is invisible with just floating eyes. Messing with his settings I got him to reappear but then he vanished again. I can interact with him and everything. Tried reloading, swimming across water to get him to teleport but nothing works. I took a picture with my phone but since Im new cannot link. Just annoying as I cannot see where he is all the time because watching eyes are hard lol

So you’re saying your shaleback is so great that you can’t even see him? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Same issue but with the white tigers, just a few bits of hair and two eyeballs are all you can see, as i could not judge the movements I can not say whether he could be killed as I was not going up against a scary looking muppet monster :joy:


The Shakeback miniboss world spawn has the same issue as well.

Yes he cannot help his greatness. The very world tries to remove him but he is always watching. Lol

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Looks like watchers are a new category in the game. Lol!

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