Invisible pets and followers still persist on playstation

My pets eyeballs are the only thing I see following me.


That is most unfortunate.

The hotfix cleared that problem for this one.
Is it persisting in Single Player, Official Servers, or a Private server?

I have 2 turtle pets that 90% of the time have no textures (all in black).
Also some enemies yesterday were still invisible.

Single Player, PS4 PRO


Hello there everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to report this to us.

Would you be so kind as to share some screenshots of this occurrence as well as the servers/game modes tested on?

Thank you kindly!

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I was running with a Hyena and a Greater Shaleback.
Both were invisible after the 3.0 update.

After the Patch, my Hyena now appears consistently, while the Greater Shaleback is frequently eyeballs only still.

PVE-C Official Server 3828 PS5 hardwired high speed connection.

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Yeah lots of weird invisible rendering right now but I haven’t been able to report because they do come back visible after some time.

Zombies pop in and out and are dependent on who is viewing them on if they are visible or not. Large mesh trees turning invisible after trying to build in them. Eventually they come back and is client dependent (I saw the tree back and my clanmate didn’t still until 15 minutes later). Siptah has some tree foilage, grass, and bushes(plant fiber type) invisible but they pop in after 15minutes- 1 hour playing.

This was in both, but I mainly use single player. I’ll try take one later after work. Also on ps5

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Also have a Greater Shaleback, sometimes showing nothing but eyes, playing on PS5. Single player.

I have just noticed, when my pet is invisible, so are the statues at The Sentinels, I can move my camera around to make the statues render in, and when I do that, my pet returns.

Some Wildlife Pets are still invisible, too.
e.g. lion cubs or this Tiger Boss.
(PS4 - private server)

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