Problems still present after update

Invisible followers are still present after update and seper meru is a ghost town with no one in it, with missing tents/furniture where conan is residing in bar

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Same here. Zombies as well as any greater pets remain mostly invisible. I’ve not seen even so much as an acknowledgement of this being an issue. Might be another several months before we see this fixed as is their way of handling things.

Hello there everyone!

Thank you for reporting this situation to us.

Regarding this, does it still occur after updating the game to the latest patch? We released 3.0.2 recently and some changes were done regarding invisible assets.

Could you be so kind as to let me know if this persists? Also, if it does, please provide me with the following:

  • PlayStation model (PS4/5)
  • Was this tested on an official server? If so, which server number was it tested on?

It is absolutely still happening. Zombies and greater panther are almost always invisible, separmaru is half-rendered, and PS4 constantly crashes.


My zombies, bear and elephant are invisible. Sometimes not the whole time like it was before the last update. But the most of the time they are still invisible.

Also the foot of the dekreto t3 shrine is invisible, but this is the whole time. The same to the tents and bar in sepermeru.

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Yup. My white tiger is invisible, except for his eyeballs and saber tooth cubs are invisible…which is unfortunate since I’m currently trying to collect them.

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