Invisible pets on Xbox need help

I’m in my friends private server and a few of our pets are invisible except there floating eyes was wondering if there is a fix I can do

For me and my wife on latest gen Xbox we have
Invisible greater Shaleback - both pets and hostile.
Invisible elephants. Invisible Sentinel statues on noob river.
Something else was invisible but wiped me before I could id it.

We have noticed that if we venture into the jungle area by the gorillas we sometimes will see our Greater Shaleback for a bit and may see the sentinel statues for a time or two - but it soon goes invis again - except for the eyes of course. The eyes are always watching….;;;


Same on PS5

This has been an issue on all servers since the first Age of War update went out. Devs are aware but its been a month and they haven’t managed to fix it yet.

The sentinels are invisible on your server? Our server (official public) has the invisi-pet thing going on with white rhinos, tamed elephants, camels, greater panthers, greater shalebacks, and some imps.

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