Issue with invisible pets

anyone know a way to fix this ? tried changing video settings, re logging, restarting server and looking to see if they are under the map on ghost mode.
this also happens with some hostile npcs.

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Welcome to the Forum. It’s happening on ps4 also and I believe on PC to. Several reptilian rhinos on Siptah appear with just back hair showing looks like a dangerous palm frawn attacking you @kleinmoran

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I’m having the same problem, but only with my Greater Shalebacks.

Grey jungle birds, a few of the skins for the rhino mount are invisible for me (SP mode XB1S). Don’t get me started on the low rez character and ground effect blurry mess that randomly kicks in since 3.0

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Same issue with white tigers, greater bears (both variants), and sometimes horse and npcs

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It is happening on ps4 also my friend’s.

As of yesterday and invisible advisories

My greater bear pet has been reduced to a floating set of eyeballs

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So is my greater sabertooth eyes and head armor that was going on today. Not when on guard but following. @Lucidique

I fixed the issue by moving all the Conan stuff to the internal hard drive. Was previously split between internal and external.

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Interesting a external drive would be more easier to get and alot cheaper than a ps5. So you moved the down loads you are not using and just left conan on the internal drive? Not familiar with this stuff.

I’d initially had Isle of Siptah and one of the cultural dlc’s installed on an external due to space issues on the internal hd. Once I did some games cleanup, I moved them to the internal. Fixed my invisible pet in the process

Any news from the developers about this? I am ps5 and my friends ps4 and greater pets are invisible like the bear and wolves and the rock nose for me is always just eyes.sometimes my purge is invisible! And when going into the volcano those little rock creatures like the mini rock nose dudes … forget their names… are always invisible ! :sob:

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