Invisible NPC's during Purge

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: North America

During a purge, we got a wave as normal, killed all the npc’s we could see and expected the ‘the bandits are regrouping’ message
We waited 5 minutes or so, but the message never came. At about 5 minutes after, we heard the tone that usually accompanies the message, but no message was shown.
At that point I started hearing arrows being shot, and all of the pets around the front of my newly built base went nuts acting like they were attacking an enemy.
There were 12 to 15 pets all focused on one spot by my base, apparently attacking air. I couldn’t see an npc there, and neither could my friend but all the pets in the area were acting like there was an enemy. In addition I could actually SEE arrows landing and hitting my pets. There were ripples in the air like something hitting a forcefield and I saw arrows hitting the ground and my pets.
We tried and tried to find the npc shooting, but there was nothing to be seen.
Part way through we heard an npc from somewhere at the front of my base say the usual ‘pokey, pokey mate’, and the shouted phrase about picking the wrong fight.

Every indication was that there were 2 or more npcs there and my pets were attacking them but we couldn’t see anything and couldn’t hit anything. After about 20 minutes of frantically trying to pull my pets away from the area it all stopped. A couple of minutes later it said the bandits had been defeated.

This whole scenario repeated in the next purge the following day, with the exact same events
I’ve lost a rhino, 2 tigers and a shaleback to “invisible” enemies that I couldn’t attack

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Wait for Purge
  2. Fight purge

It’s really hard to give more steps than that. It’s occurred during the past two purge battles.


Do you use mods, if yes, this could be related.

Then where is your base situated ? It is fully accessible by feet, or high on some mountains or rocks ?
What are your purge settings ?

You write, privat, online, is this a privat self hosted server on own machine, a provider hosted server or a singleplayer/co-op game ?

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I’m assuming provider hosted. Server is PVE Life. Only mod running is Pippi’s admin mod.

Base is out in the open, and fully accessible. Have plenty of room to put a wall out a bit away from it even.

So yes, if you run Pippi or other mods, must be a privat server, that’s sure.

Mostly Pippi shouldn’t make any issue with purge, so i suppose that one or several actors spawned maybe inside a game-structure, rock or mountain part in that specific purge, what made them detectable by npc AI but of course you couldn’t see them. This can happen, let’s just hope is a single event, and no more triggered with next purge. :wink:

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Hey there,

Thanks for the heads-up. Even if it could be related to mod usage, we’re going to send this report to our team just in case.

Upon some further investigation, it appears that what we have experienced is very similar to what is described here…
A Land UNDER the exiled lands

Last night we discovered that they were spawning underneath our most recently placed building blocks. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Oh, and if it weren’t archers every time, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad of an issue. We’ve lost more than a few pets because of this issue, and my friends are starting to get pretty upset about that.

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chihi ^^ World War I called. He wants his entrenched troops back xD
Anyway …
Seems, we are writing about the same problem. I like the nu purge but THIS is annoying <.<

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