Invisible Textures, Seeing through stuff, Not rendering?

So my buddy got me Conan Exiles as a gift to play with him, but I have a lower end laptop so I had some worries wondering if I can run the game. Yadda yadda time passes, and I put it on a low resolution and low end laptop mode, and the game runs relatively smoothly all the time. So thats good, im running around the desert, make some clothes, and theyre just invisible, my ■■■ is gone. Some parts of the clothes show up at some angles, but other than that im see through. I then head to his house and the door is see through, his clothes are, the crafting stations have some parts visible some not, etc. He tried going on low graphics too and didnt have this problem. Its not all textures, but a lot of them. Some wall types i can see through on one side but not the other, etc.
I think it may be my graphics card, but I thought I may as well make a post seeing if this problem has been encountered and fixed before. I did some searching about it but didnt see any post that matched my issue. Its playable, but, I’d like to be able to see the models and such lol.

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