Render issues aplenty

Game mode: [any]
Type of issue: [Bug | Misc]
Server type: [any]
Region: [Canada / North America]

Have not owned the game for long but so far it really feels like its unfinished early access. So many issues.

Here’s some of the very common render issues me and my friends see every day :

  • npc corpse becomes invisible. If you mouse around a bunch you can find it then loot/harvest it.
  • thrall being dragged becomes invisible. But not on all clients, some can see it. Others cannot.
  • thralls in general seem random as heck. Our placed thralls sometimes change ■■■, have clothes… or completely naked. Whats ridiculous is that its different on each client. Leaving the area and coming back ‘fixes’ the issue.
  • loading a base renders trees and rocks… that dont exist… they show for a few seconds then vanish as the base renders.
  • theres some issue with foundations where you seem to be hovering above them and the screen bounces up and down rapidly like the foundation isnt there and your hopping. But the other client with you can see you just standing there normal. (leaving area and coming back sometimes fixes this)
  • phantom resources. Sometimes a harvested node or plant will render in but not actually exist as you cannot harvest it at all.
  • blood splatter. usually on startup your character hp bar is at 50% making you look dead and you have the red blood splatter border on your screen. Eating food shows that your HP is actually full. The splatter does not go away until you fight something and take damage.
  • status effects. effects like COLD / HOT arew written on the screen and sometimes will not come off regardless. I’ve had COLD listed 3 times and despite running to the desert they would not come off the screen till I died.
  • falling through the world. This happened a few times now, you don’t die but it teleports you back to the desert right at the very beginning again. Resseting the server corrected the issue, but it pops up here and there on occaision.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Just play conan, there’s no way you can miss these.

Lies. I know at the very least the 50% hp bar one happens to every one every login… and probably the blood splatter too… did you even read my post ?

1 n 2: Are hard to pinpoint why they occur since they don’t always occur for everyone during same circumstances. One of the harder bugs to fix, since there’s no reliable way to reproduce it narrowing down where in the code the issue is.
3: Never seen this one so can’t say.
4: That’s terrain generation for you, if you build over where a resource previously spawned the game will first load them in cause “Hey this is a resource spot lets load the resource” this is probably due to resources being static spawns where as player built objects are not. Since well the player can build basically whereever.
5: I’ve only seen this one once but haven’t found a way to reliably reproduce it
6: Never seen this one either so can’t say.
7: Never had the blood spatter, 50% thing so does not happen to everyone. But majority have it so shouldn’t be hard to narrow down, probably down to how the server reads the status of your character while you load in.
8: Never seen this one either, status effects come and go as they should.
9: Only time I’ve seen this was when I was messing around with admin tools and changed speed multiplier. But that’s an engine issue in my case.

I have seen all of these.

In fact almost all of these have been there since launch and before launch. They have been there so long, I’ve just grown to expect them and gave up expecting they ever get fixed. Most have seen improvements though so they happen less, then they come back again when they try to improve performance and adjust rending again.

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On the Black Hand pirate ship, during Co-op PvE. I was attempting to drag a Set High Priest to my wheel of pain, when another NPC killed me. My husband remained beside the priest while I ran back. Upon returning, I could not see the unconscious priest, so he dragged it back to the wheel for me. Even while he was dragging the priest, I could not see it. In short:

  1. Knock a thrall unconscious.
  2. Die (preferably not, but hey it happens :stuck_out_tongue: ).
  3. Return and see the thrall is invisible.

We’ve experienced most of the bugs you mentioned; especially the HP being low, then immediately returning to normal upon eating something. Usually it’s after the client side joins a co-op game.

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