IP Ban Players?

What do you all think If we got a IP ban command for console?

  • Easier to stop people that troll on your server by using Alternative accounts.
    -Literally make a ban stick…

Maybe trolls will stop. Wrecking Admin shops, etc… And It will prove a point to other players not to raid admin stuff… Hard to maintain a high populated server…

If you’re renting a server you should have that ability, however IP bans are really easy to get around. Most people can power cycle their modem and get a new lease or even ask their ISP to issue a new IP. Then there’s VPN services to further obfuscate things. You might as well not even bother and just do geoip lookups of the troll’s IP just to get the general idea of where the troll might be geographically located. Then despite whatever new handle they may be using you at least have a good idea of who it is.


Most steam integrated games allow for steamid band. Though not sure if Conan does.

White list?

But most trolls are not that into spending money or working that hard to get around it. They are bored individuals that have nothing more to do with their time than be a nuisance. The paths you are talking about are more hacker type mentality. And yes, they may exist in CE, but i would say that % is very low compared to the immature trolls. So IP ban would work to remove a majority of the sneaky trolls.

And Any person/company that pays for a server has the right to ban anyone that they feel is ruining the game for others. If the server feels they are wrong, then that server will be an empty money drain.

Unplugging your router then plugging it back in is working hard?

It would not be a standalone, it would also have the player id, account id as well.

And there are plenty of software ways to see if someone is constantly changing IP’s tied to their accounts.
To not try is to approve.

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