Private server player ban not working

Hi guys.
We have a private server and have two trolls that we desperately want to ban. The admin ban doesn’t work. We’ve tried third party software but still no effect. Is there an alternative like an IP ban?

Can you implement the white-list and just add the players that you know? That way if there is some way that the ban isn’t working it basically keeps EVERYONE out except for white-listed players.

Can you not just add a password to the server and give it to players that you know?

I am steam friends with just about EVERY member of my private server and have a Discord for messaging the players too.

Very curious to know why you ban doesn’t work::no_entry_sign:


Problem with password is you limit the amount of players that could potentially join. So it doesn’t address the ban button issue.

But thanks dude! Appreciate the feedback

Install a mod like Pippi.
With a mod like Pippi you can pretty much just mess with them until they leave.

For example in admin mode: use the admin tool to decrease their level to level 1, summon them to your location, kill them, then when they respawn teleport to their location and destroy their base. Then kill them and they will respawn in the desert naked. Keep doing that every 30 minutes and they will never come back.

Or just keep lowering them down to level 1 every time they get to level 20.
Or admin force yourself into their clan then kick them from their own clan and give their stuff away to other players they have been greifing.

Of course you don’t do this to people unless they really are trolls and you’ve already told them you don’t want them to come back.

I think the Pippi mod also has an IP ban


Hrm, there was an old bug on it but we patched it up. This is the first time since then that I’ve heard it not working. I’ll let the devs know and see if any other private server admins experience this as well. As krbhi mentioned, Pippi is a great mod that may help in the time being.


Thanks Spynosaur and Krbhi, much appreciated

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