IP official server please help

does anyone know how to get the IP of official conan server for ps4? i have lag issues at #3215 pvp and I have problems with this server through my internet provider, (they nothink do without IP )

Sure man, sure…

you think i’m joking ? or are you trolling

funcom, you have no idea how to help me?

the server name is usually the subdomain of a g-portal domain. A nslookup of the DNS name will at least give you the external IP the load balancer / fw listens for connections to that server. Alternatively you could setup a PC / laptop with 2 NICs as a router, connect your ps4 to it and then run wireshark or your choice of active network traffic monitor to see what exactly your ps4 is talking to. (and maybe see some other odd/interesting traffic from other players)

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