Several official servers across all platforms are down

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Looking on the forum there are several servers that are down, including the one I am using (PC Server #1067).

1067 has been down for almost 24 hours now with no response from anyone at Funcom regarding this server or any other server outage.

It would be good to know if:

  • You are actively working on this
  • You know roughly what the problem is
  • In the event of data loss, there are backups that can restored to ensure people haven’t lost everything

Unless I am missing something, I’ve seen nothing at all on this which is extremely poor. We are expected to fill out a crude Google survey with no indication that anyone is actually reading them or taking action.


So, an update:
It seems that servers that were on one IP address ( have moved to another (

Whilst it is good to know that these servers are online and have not lost any data, it does raise questions as to why it was not communicated.

Also, it would seem that the Conan server browser ties your favourites list to the endpoint (IP address + port) rather than the server name, which makes sense, but then you end up in this situation whereby everyone thinks the server is down but in reality it has been moved.

However, there is now one huge problem with this server, which has also been reported on others, which is that the config has been completely wiped and it is using the default settings. This means that raid times are 24/7 - this is a big problem.

This makes sense to me. It also seems logical for the PS4 Servers - but if they are up and running, how do we connect to them on the PS4? The server browser there doesn’t have the option to connect to specific IP adresses (Or did I just miss that?).

No idea unfortunately, I am on PC.

What is the server number? I may be able to look it up as there are some servers which are simply offline rather than moved.

Currently 3041, 3052, 3053 and 3054 are missing (all PvE-C, all EU). At least I know that they were there before - there might be more PvE-C Servers missing, right now there are only 2 EU Servers showing up in the Browser (those are 3042 and 3051). Thanks for your effort!

I understand that problems can occur at any time, expected or unexpected, severe or minor. But I don’t understand the lack of communication - at least a very short “we are aware of the problem” would have been nice (assuming that all those post were read).

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Ahh unfortunately I can’t search for PS4 servers it would seem (I’m using a website to ping them), you could try typing the server number manually in Conan, if you can’t find it that way then it is unlikely that it has been moved and is genuinely offline, unfortunately.

Agreed, the lack of communication is very poor.


Unfortunately, that doesn’t work - I think the browser on the PS4 loads ALL existing servers an puts them on a list - the buttons for favorites, history or manual search are then just filters applied on that list. So I guess, if the servers don’t show up on the list, they are indeed offline :confused:

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This is the server we used to play on

This is a new No-battleeye\weird settings version of it

That old 1079 is showing offline, and apparently it has all the players, structures, data etc.
The new 1079 is just plain empty cuz it is 0\40 since yesterday.
What in the world is going on

Hey craytos

The server (pc 1067) were playing on is online.
Just make sure you enter the game normally and filter for Official and EU. Sort it by name and you should find it.
It wont really show up on the steam serverlist.
Because it unfavorites the server everytime you quit the game. It wont show up in steam then.

Cya later


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Dude could you find the ip for official pvp 1081 for PC?

Hey there! Yep I found out a few hours ago :), like I say it changed IP address for some odd reason… I let my clan members know.

Unfortunately only one result comes up, meaning it is most likely offline and they have not moved it :frowning:

Morning all EU server #1051 Is also down and has been since Friday 20/7/18.

Sorry I’m not bringing any new information to the table, just wanted to keep this thread open until Funcom get back to work.
(The Norwegian government do things right)

I think it is up. Try:

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