Server, Down 24+ Hours?

All I know is the IP of the server I was using because I put it in the Steam launch options then forgot the name, In any case the thing has been down over a day. It is an official server, PVE, USA.

I don’t see any posts on the forums regarding what servers are known to be down, when they will be available, etc.

I have submitted three requests via their reporting system

I’m new to this game, only a week on. Is this normal behavior for this game? It is getting to be pretty annoying. I had a great T2 place all setup, thralls all over the place, etc. Starting over isn’t something I want to do if I don’t have to.

Nope, not normal if it was indeed an official server.

Hey there @dilburrito, welcome to our community.

If you mean server 1729 there’s no recorded downtime that we can see from our end. There’s been also a fair share of players during the past 24h. Is this happening for you only with that server?

I have no idea if I mean server 1729, I know the IP which I discovered using the Steam servers window and then I used that in the launch options to automatically connect. A picture is attached.

Looking at the Conan server browser window I had also marked this server as a favorite, along with another one. My server doesn’t show up as a favorite anymore, just some other server I was messing around with. Also in the browser you can sort it by “level” and I don’t see my server in that view either.

All I can tell from my perspective is a server with IP once existed but now it does not, the Steam server windows flags it as “not responding”

This issue exposes a problem with the “Conan Exiles Official Servers Report” tool. The tool requires a server number, obviously there are situations where we don’t know that.

I have searched this forum for a name to IP mapping so I could determine my server name, no luck. I could see how that would be a difficult document to manage as it would change frequently as new servers are brought online. But, once an official server is online it never goes away so there would still be some value in that document.

You could probably even automate the doc by scripting something.

Just submitted another “Conan Exiles Official Servers Report”. 72 hours now and still no server. I know Funcom support reads these forums. Do you guys really have no idea when an entire server is down? I’m an IT guy also, any server that is down for more than a few minutes and you know about it, what is going on?

Just got done looking at the server browser, this server that was marked as a favorite doesn’t show up, steam still flags the server as “not responding”. Is my only way to play this game to create a new character and start from scratch? I had a great place all setup with topless chicks dancing and everything, even had the brewery setup, COME ON!

Looks like it’s back to ESO for awhile, kind of bored with that game, sheesh.

So Battlemetrics shows two servers that are server 1729. One shows down, and the other up.

I don’t follow Gportal (like at all), but they have similar "most time played’ lists. As in the player names can see listed in the list are on both servers. My hunch is that Gportal moved the server to new hardware, which is something they do from time to time.

IP =

Link to Down, possibly old server

Link to Up, possibly new server

If Gportal did indeed transfer to new hardware, your character would go along with it and you would pick up where you left off.

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Thanks Multigun for taking a shot at this. Somehow Ignasis got the idea 1729 was the server. I don’t think it is because when I join it I am treated as if I am a new character. If it is the server then something went wrong with my previous character, these services have to be more robust than that so I doubt 1729 is the server. I’ll give gportal or Funcom or whomever the benefit of the doubt on this one.

I can believe changing hardware, or spin up a new VM or something but why wouldn’t the IP move to the new server? There have got to be lots of people connecting via IP because the forum is full of people talking about it.

In any case I should be able to figure it out with the game browser. I know my server was official, PVE and US. If I plug in those filters there are only about 50 servers in the list. The far right column shows the level of character a user has on any of those servers, it should be obvious which server my character is on from that. But, there’s nothing indicating a level on any of those servers.

Either the server is gone or my character is gone. This is really frustrating, a lot of grinding and farming time wasted.

Just submitted for the fifth time on the “Conan Exiles Official Servers Report”, no response, seems like nobody home there.

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