PS4 Official servers disappearing?

I was just getting ready to settle down for a nice evening of Conan exiles, when I tried to navigate through the server listings (“you must be connected to Playstation network” bug) and noticed the 3 servers I play on are gone from my history, my favourites AND if I search for them, i.e official server #3091, it gives me nothing. have I lost all progress I made? what’s going on?

this is what was posted on g-portal if it helps funcom droped the ball for the millonth time starting to see why they had to give the game away so many bugs its more like a beta then a released title

Conan PS4 Listing issues

Dear Customer, currently you might experience issues with getting your Conan PS4 listed ingame on the serverbrowser. This is due to some problems on Funcom’s end with their Masterserver. We are in touch with Funcom and we hope they can sort it out soon. We will keep you updated. Please do not open additional support requests regarding this issue since we can’t fix it, we also have to wait for Funcom to solve this.

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