Server #3753 missing/down

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [America]

[Server # 3753 (PVE Official) has been down for at least 13 hours ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open Conan Exiles
  2. Sort the server list
  3. Look for server
  4. Wait for disappointment

Hey Funcom are you all pretending you don’t see these posts? I see you are struggling to respond to anyone

I’m here I promise! I was speaking with a dev this morning about them since I was seeing multiple reports. Was waiting on a word from them and what was going on. Can you check for the server now? sorry for the trouble!

Are here any updates to the missing servers yet?

Help ps4 server 3593 down again …lol

It’s a Christmas miracle it’s up thank you

Server 2812 is still missing could use a Christmas miracle here too

Why is there not a Announcement about what is going on with all these servers down during peak playing time for 17+ hours ?

3753 needs a Christmas miracle

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please funcom, give us an answer

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Server 3805 is missing as well

Losing my patience with funcom big time. Ya’ll go on vacation when your game is a mess and you rarely get back to anyone anywhere now or before vacation. Ya’ll need to treat your customers with more respect. Can come up with as many excuses as you want, none this is a common issue with most devs. You’re on the path for failure if changes arent made


I think this is a gportal issue… we are working to get our rented server back up, and I thought all the servers (even officials) were hosted through gportal, even though FunCom pays for the officials to be up.