Irniz of the Furnace not showing her recipes on Improved Armorers bench

I can confirm this. All the other named armorers from the Black Galleon can do the Flawless Epic armor of their race except Irniz. Would very much like to see this fixed as I love that armor set.

Agreed, I just happened to get her yesterday and was very disappointed that I could not make the flawless armor. Please fix this.

there is another armorer that crafts flawless epic zamorian thief armor. its Ghamm the worn, he should spawn in relic hunter city, unfortunatly his spawn point in inside a building you cant enter(hope that gets fixed) not all armorers from the galleon can craft flawless epic. last time i checked Joka cant craft any flawless epic beside the standard armor(+encumbrance)


Joka also doesn’t craft a flawless normal of anything except the standard armor. He has no racial armor whatsoever.

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actualy there is a lot of T4 NPC that do nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

like the legendari armorer that give you only basique stuff…

and i don’t speak about the other T4 that give exceptional insted of flawless

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Yes :frowning: I captured a lot of them and most of them don’t craft their racial armor or the one of their clan :frowning:

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The point here is that the ones that can do flawless normal of their race can also do flawless epic of their race with the only exception of Irniz of the Furnace who only does the flawless normal Zamorian Thief set and not the epic version on the improved bench. Seems like a bug to me.

Bottom line is, if a Zamorian Armorer III can craft exceptional epic zamorian thief armor, on an improved armorer’s bench, then Irniz jolly well should be able to craft Flawless, otherwise her very existence is called into question.

I’m not sure if she spawns anymore, but back during early access when I compiled a list of the armorers, there was an Exiles armorer called Enis Ironwrought who could craft the epic version of the Flawless Zamorian Thief armor.

I was never able to discern a pattern where named Exile thralls would spawn, so her location could presumably be any Exile camp.

From what I have been able to ascertain, the likes of Enis Ironwrought have been relegated to spawn during purges.

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Looks like we have ourselves a victory, friends. Its not a big victory but I’ll take what I can get.


Yeah \o/ And too “Llarn Steeltoe was incorrectly flagged as a T3” :smiley:

Repairing Armorers might seem like a small thing at first glance, but it’s like unlocking content for the players.

Hell, it’s unlocking an entire tier of progression. lol

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My Irniz doesn’t show the flawless epic Zamorian thief armor, only the normal epic Zamorian thief armor, do I have to restart a new game for this to happen? PC SP PVP version 1021941 / 18471

This are changes on TestLive - not on the live servers :slight_smile:


Ahhhh, okay so it will come to Live eventually - thanks for the reply Tascha. I will stick with live now as I am testing a lot of things. BTW I am having a problem with corner stairs? They are NOT at all being placed correctly when I have two regular stairs on a corner. This is with Reinforced Stone stairs without railings and the corner stairs. I just cannot get the corner piece to snap?

Correct, it’s fixed in TestLive which has a lot of changes we are currently stabilizing and testing.
Yeah, we are aware that there is an issue with snapping on the Live Servers. It’s being looked at :slight_smile:

Thanks for hauling ■■■, u guys :smiley:

BTW Tascha, you said you were gonna cosplay in some Zamorian Thief Armor! This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate Irniz’s cure from amnesia by cosplaying in a set of FLAWLESS EPIC ZAMORIAN THIEF ARMOR :smiley:

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Hah! The cosplay armor is not done yet but hopefully soon :wink:


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