Iron hard Muscles, how much defense?

So… i didnt find anything at google, how much defese gives iron hard muscles perk? im at 78% did take the perk, but it still at 78% oO?

I think it is supposed to be 6%. It adds 15 armour. I am not sure how it scales at higher armour levels. It works for me though.

Edit: 15 or 25. I can’t remember. But 6% should be even to that number.

it’d be nice to see some math on this, cause if it’s just a flat 15 armor then it’s kinda meh

If you unequip all your armour, and minus 2xAgility from the armour number, you can see how much the perk adds.

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It is a flat 15 armor, which makes it absolutely useless.
5% damage reduction while naked, less than 1% when wearing heavy armor.

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