Is Conan Exiles dead?

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Personally i have the stutter lag very rarely and i am quite greatful for that but i should also mention my internet is terrible. As stated before fixing this kind of issue is not easy and the dev team certainly has the work cut out for them. My hope is that they are working on some content on the side in addition to the bug fixes. While they have added a few things like the changes to weapons and the new weapon, Meatier content is a big deal like new gods new lands new everything but it won’t be any good if they can’t fix the bugs they have. That was ARK’s main issue they only released new content and rarely did bug patches which compounded the errors drastically Conan won’t have this kind of issue and thats a very big deal.

Ya, that’s true. The 2080 TI is also still in it’s infancy in terms of driver updates too. At the same time though, for all of 2 weeks I didn’t have stuttering since April when I upgraded my system. Then the next patch came along :stuck_out_tongue: Was nice while it lasted ha ha. It’s not every 10 feet like my old system was though, just in certain consistent locations as I move around Thrall camps and such.

Yes, not everybody is affected. However, don’t assume that just because somebody has the problem, doesn’t mean that their computer can’t handle it. I have the issue (though not as bad as some people), and here are my system specs on a month old computer freshly built.

Z390 Gigabye Master motherboard
64 GBs 3200 RAM
2 TB Samsung NVME
EVGA 2080 ti FTW3
1200 Watt Corsair Platinum Rated Power Supply
Windows 10
100MB Internet Connection

Oh I know not everyone who has issues in any given game is because of their hardware or even their ISP connection. My comment was strictly to Rudgar.

And that looks like a pretty sweet system you got!

750 W Platinum PSU
Intel i9 9900k
16 GB 3200 16 CL DDR4 RAM
MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio @ 1440p (normal)
100 MB internet connection

Game runs fine for me. No stuttering. Guess I got lucky :slight_smile:

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