Is Conan Exiles dead?

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Hello Funcom,
you are currently working on a game in a new conan game.
But what about Conan Exiles? It is a very strong game, with a lot of content that could continue to be exploited. And have you almost left this aside for a new project?
Will we ever receive any strong content for Conan exiles?

It workes fine!

It doesn’t work fine. The constant stuttering and lag will kill it if something is not done about this very soon. I have had just about all can stand of that. And of ppl saying there are no issues and it works fine when clearly it does not for everyone.

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Last 30 Days = 4,652.0 Players


As others mentioned, we’re publishing Conan Unconquered, not developing it. The Conan Exiles team is still working very hard on content and bug fixing. :slight_smile:


Well its works fine for me, not perfect but fine

DAS conen exiles ist bis jetzt das bestgestalteste spiel ĂĽberhaupt

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dem stimme ich zu last conen exiles erst mal fehlerfrei sein ,dann wollt ihr nix anderes mehr spielen

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Maybe you need better interwebz???

It’s true. The stuttering is happening for everyone. If you don’t notice this you are a noob.

And compare to other games, then its almost flawless, hehe. Just try a fallout 3+ and ES… then you are happy to come back

Isn’t Funcom Oslo working in a single player Conan game different than Unconquered? Is this not the Conan Exiles Team?



I guess they have more than one team.

Time for my weekly facepalm…

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It’s all over the map too as far as specs and ISP. I have a nearly $4000 machine I just finished building, with a 100mb connection, and I’m getting the stuttering issue as of the latest patch. Where as you will see someone barely meeting minimum requirements and all is fine. Performance stuff is super difficult to isolate and fix, I feel for the dev team haha.

its biggest problem with pc gaming, instead of consolos wich is all same, and u can easy fix all stuff at once, u have countles number of pc variats and if u use 4000 dollars pc, noone expect somone to use those highend components, i mean it works /sometimes/ but u get better optimalization for most used parts of pc wich means gtx 1060 would work best cus is mostly used, while when u get gtx 2080 u maybe get worse performance than with gtx 1060

also some components are alergic to each other ie sound card will disable your monitor…

u cant even run f3 on most pcs/systems, untill u mod it and tweak virtual and multi cores, and than u notice it dont work with your gpu…
if u get trought hw, it barely work on windows 10…

at least u can play it at your toaster as well as skyrim, cus they support evry platform /if u buy enought versions…/

wery well Bugthesda

oh wrong forum,sry

Maybe for you, not for me. I have hardly no problem and most is the line home.

No, it is not happenening to everyone. And no, people do not notice it because they are “noobs”. Maybe your system / connection just suck? Or maybe you can’t figure out that just because something is happening to you doens’t mean it is happening to everyone.

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