Is everyone experiencing lag spikes

I redownloaded the game a week ago and since then I’ve been experiencing huge lag spikes on pvp.

Randomly when playing I’d notice that my stamina is no longer decreasing as I’m running. Or I’d hear sounds of someone attacking me but I look around and there is nothing there. Turns out what’s showing on my screen is completely different to what’s happening in the game.
And its annoying when I end up dying, especially far from base, and sometimes can’t even select to spawn on the bed or bed roll, because on my screen it does not show that I died.
So I end up losing everything.

The latest patch brought with it more issues for the game…as usual.

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No lag spikes- just thrall weird behaviour

On #1999 official pvp we were having 1020 ping spikes every day during raid time.

game has taken a major performance hit after last update

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same on 1200. few times for around 20 minutes during pvp time game is unplayable

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