Is game still deleting saves?

Can I come back and play now?

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I have been back playing for roughly a month now. The game is fine for me now. I’m not willing to swear on it. But I also have not seen any new posts of this problem we used to have either

Yeah been a few months. Just finished reading through old long thread about people having this issue.
Perhaps I’ll give another go.
Will await more peoples expriences

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If your playing single player/co-op it’s broken you can play for awhile before getting error code and blue screen over and over. If it’s online I’ve only experienced lag alot of lag since the last update and random crashes just reload the game. This is the only game that crashes in single player/co-op alot of people have quit due to glitches and exploits online and single player is obviously broken with crashe screens over and over on the loading screen you can be playing for a week to a month and it will randomly crash and have to start a new game to fix it most the time doesn’t matter size of base or chest you can have nothing and it will crash over and over. ■■■■■■■ so far just don’t seem to care they got there money from us it seems all we keep getting is soon!!! for there response. Still like the game but feels like I wasted money on a broken state it’s in at the moment hope they fix this asap and start responding with better updates and what not. Online is your best option just make sure to find a server with admins on 24/7 to deal with exploits which is raids outside of raid time which they said last Friday they where trying to patch it with nothing for both ps4 and Xbox pc got a hot fix but still there’s other exploits going on.


#Fail Com

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I play singleplayer and used to have constant bluescreens. But since restarting about a month or so ago I’ve had none. There are still issues with the game but nothing remotely game breaking for me yet

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