Is infinite-deadly climbing a bug?

Game mode: Single-player / PC
Mods?: No

I’ve noticed that when I use up all the stamina while climbing, the climbing starts dryning life and the character doesn’t fall.

Is this some new ability we got but I haven’t noticed that? :roll_eyes:

I noticed this on Testlive, but the base Live version of the game does too. I wonder if I should report it.

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It one of the sigil effect from either the harpy or the birdmen
If you run out of stamina while climbing it will use hp.


Thanks for the answer :+1:

I love :sparkling_heart: that this game doesn’t say everything and how it works!

To this day, I do not know how to bake bread in the game :sweat_smile: One day I’ll snack it out :yum:

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Conan Exiles could really use a GUI and information update for these and many other reasons.

Feats should show the stats armor’s will affect.

Benches should show the outcome of the item being produced, and how it is affected by the current thrall.

Many items need more detailed updates.

And this game needs a well maintained, complete wiki ran by the game company. I don’t get what is so hard about that. lol


Furnace+seeds+fiber+leavening agent. You’re welcome. For all your glutenous needs.


Well the game is setup intentionally to not hold your hand. Its a design “feature”.

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