Is portal to yuggoth no longer happening?

Can’t get it to trigger…

Same. We beat it several days ago and it won’t respawn for us.

Hey anyone find out why the event dont trigger anymore? other events are there? is it a problem with mods or something else? or is the spawnrate very low? Seen it in the beginning of the new patch… after installing some mods a few days never seen this event.

I think it’s just a low spawn rate. I got it either yesterday or the day before on single player.

I made a bug report on it yesterday, even though it’s “somewhat intended” to be rare. Mainly because low population servers / single-player won’t have the same chance as a high pop server because of this

Are we talking about the event at scavengers berth? On our private ps4 server every 10 minutes or so. We have not messed with any settings unless it’s tied to purge that runs at 22000 instead of 42000 @Xevyr @Eludan @Glurin

Yes! It seems to be really random and sometimes won’t start for hours.
So far I managed to get it 3 times. The first time after spending the 4 hours either idling there / killing NPCs and portaling to the other events a few times to complete those.

The other two occasions were yesterday, again spending hours trying to trigger it, I ended up chain restarting the server like 5 times, with no results, then just as I was about to ride off to check on the other events the NPCs despawned and the event started, then after I finished it, shortly it started again for a second time back to back.

The way I understand it is that the game randomly picks 1 event to activate from the 4-5? we have and until somebody completes that one, it will not pick a new one.
That will mean that on servers where the population is spread fairly evenly to where there’s people around each event location, this rotation will be much much faster, while on servers where you have 1-2 people and they’re mostly stationed in one corner of the map, you might have an active event on the opposite side of the map waiting for someone to complete it and locking out all other events while it’s sitting there.

Imo it would be way better if the game did some periodic re-checks… Say every 20 minute it’s gonna be like… “Hmm… nobody came to complete this event, I’ll just pick another one”. And it would be even better if it targeted that new location with a certain bias to where there’s player activity…

So for example let’s say the event at Flotsam is active, but there’s absolutely nobody near, I’m actually killing cannibals at the Summoning Place… Then after 20 minutes of the Flotsam event sitting there with no players nearby, the game would just give up on that… and pick a new one, and if it sees a player killing cannibals at the summoning place, maybe prioritize one of those 2 events :slight_smile:

So we did it 4 times in a row. By killing the bugs etc swimming to the island across from it resting a few minutes and going back. Will keep experimenting.

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