Event Respawn Timer?

Do we know what causes Events to respawn, particularly the one at EL I5 Scavenger’s Berth?

I once waited for 35mins, then 1h15min and still nothing. Is there a shared cooldown between all events across the map or smth? Will a player or building (not blocking npcs spawns) nearby prevent the event start? Or is it just random? It always seems to be there when i get there on the way, same as with the Sacrifice Event at the Bridge to Xullan, but trying to actively go and wait for it seems to be futile

I heard from somewhere that there’s always one event happening. Once that one is completed, a new event starts. So waiting won’t help.

Not sure whether this information is up-to-date, and I’ve no idea how that works in Single-Player where most of the world isn’t actually running until the player shows up in the neighborhood.

I thought that is a possibility too, but if it really was the case the bridge event shouldn’t ALWAYS be there when im around, im fairly certain at least that one has a set timer.

Also, when i did those 2 timings i was nearly the only one on the (official) server and i really doubt the other ppl did an event in the meantime for the first, 30 min respawn.

+True, this would be horrible for SP

When teleporting between all event locations that i know of and doing the events asap,
It does not seem to affect the respawn rate on that certain one, at least not directly. Feels completely random.

I can also confirm that it does not have a huge necessary timer, i had 15 min respawns

Yesterday my wife and I did one 4 times in a half hour something Berth private server ps4 @Skalli . No body else on server.

It’s not always there. It’s always there, except when I’m looking for an event to complete.

It seems to be common enough that I used to think it was a 100 % spawn, especially since the first time I ran to it I barely managed to complete it, lost my thrall, and while I was looting the corpses the same event restarted and killed me.

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