Is siptah really coming out thursday?

Hi, I know it has nothing to do with the [forum feedback thread], but I still don’t believe that siptah will come out this Thursday !! We do not know the price, can you guarantee that this Thursday comes out? Thanks andy


Moving post to a separate topic since it was posted in the forum revamp feedback thread.

To answer the question, yes! We’re on track to officially launch Isle of Siptah on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on Thursday, May 27th. We may have a patch out beforehand as well. If anything suddenly changes last-minute, we’ll let you know - but right now, things look good. :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the reply :blush: What will the price Andy be?


Andy is free of charge for us.


It is because of the translator hahaha I was referring to the price of siptah


I’m sure they’ll post the price no later than the 27th…

So very very Soon™


Lol. I don’t really care I’ll be buying it no matter the price but I don’t understand the secrecy behind it. Ppl are either going to pay it or not wether you tell them today or a week from now, their reaction will be the same.

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I am in love with the game and I will buy it, but perhaps there are people who do not have money … And they want to know the price to buy one or the other

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