Is the East building of the Eastern Barracks restricted for building? Is there a restricted area difference between single player and a private server?

Hi there, I was testing out a build design on my local single-player game on the PS4 before reproducing it on the private PvP server where I play with friends. I was building inside both of the structures of the Eastern Barracks location in the jungle biome and got a design I really liked. When I switched over to the private PvP server, it would only allow me to build in the western building of the Eastern Barracks. Whenever I’d try to place the same foundations on the eastern building (the one with the imp boss outside) it would do the bug where my foundations would just disappear upon placement without giving me the error notice that lets me know I can’t place anything. Everything I tried to put there just disappears without a notification. Also, it won’t let me place map rooms or altars in that build zone as well. I had the admin of the private server try to place foundations there just in case it was related to being in admin mode like I was on my local single-player game, but no luck.

This left me with a few questions: Is that eastern structure always build restricted? Why is there a difference between a local game where I can change all the settings I want and build there, and a private server where the same settings can get changed but I can’t build there anymore? If this is just a glitch, does anyone have any suggestions? I’d love to be able to finish my design on the live server where I play. Thanks for your help!

This is the same in PC. Only the one building can be built on. Prob because of the Imp boss that spons there. I have built inside and under the western building. Under it there is a ton of room and good for PVP protected base.

Thanks for letting me know it’s the same for PC. I wish private servers could have the same freedom that the single player does. And you’re right, the space under the western building is great! It’s even tall enough to fit the T3 wheel, which is pretty big!

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Yeah but under is actually better to use for fish traps while having a ceiling base in the upper area


I made it my crafting area. was able to go 2-3 foundations wide on both sides and still have plenty of room for my fish traps. Love that spot.

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Yeah it’s nice but the top is way safer. 4 or even 7 ceilings and a god bubble up. They wont get in.

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