Is the player hit box correct for the rolling animation?

Hey Folks,

First time poster and fairly new to conan (2-3 months). I’ve started recording pvp when I go out and I’ve noticed a couple times when spear attacked that when rolling away, the spear does not touch me or make a damage sound or animation, yet I take damage. It seems like that if one strikes around the feet/legs of where the player was standing (before roll animation is complete), they might take damage. I have yet to verify this with some clan mates but verified it by comparing my recording and that of a streamer whom I was fighting. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue?


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The new roll is slow and short, latency is a thing now. Instead use auto-aim to have the swing magically connect. Where it comes to damaging swings there is little relation between what you see and what is happening. It is a server-side aimbot fest.

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