Is there a New Purge Map for Exiles?

Hi all! I have read that purges no longer happen along the “newb river” area. Has this changed purges outside that area at all? For instance, we’ve always used this site to see what purges will hit where: The Purge - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Is this still accurate (ignoring the purge locations along the river) or is there a new map that outlines how where purges will hit?


To be honest the map you linked appears to have the old purge map but that map was correct when I showed it to someone roughly a month ago. It’s as if it got reverted back to an old map on accident. Maybe @Tephra can help shed some light on this?

That map hasn’t been changed since 2019.

It should still be accurate except for the noob river exception.

Then where on the wiki was I looking when I saw the updated map?

There is no more recent purge map anywhere on the wiki, as far as I am aware. Possibly @Testerle was working on one that was never implemented and you happened to find it in a test area, but I don’t recall him working on any.

hmmm, okay…I will continue hunting though :thinking: cause my OCD won’t let me stop till I’ve determined where it was. :man_shrugging: Thank you @Tephra :+1:

Thanks all!

Wak4863 posted a map showing the purge-free area when the change happened: Conan Exiles (Exiled Lands) – Wak Nation

That might be what you’re thinking of.

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