Map for purges: where is it?

Really hate posting just for this, but search on forum won’t throw a thing.
One of you had a map highlighting the purges, will you please point me to it?

You can find almost all of the information on the game in the wiki. The Purge article does have the map.


If you mean the map where I overlaid all the purge types, you’ll need Photoshop to open it, but it’s here:

If you mean the screenshot of the area where the only purges that will spawn are ones capable of producing purge alchemists, then here you go:

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Thanks to both of you! :vulcan_salute:t3:

An Avalanche of Rocknoses got my base at E8… Three skulls :skull_and_crossbones::skull::skull_and_crossbones: bosses wiped my pyramid easily.
Left me with 20% of my thralls and pets, I couldn’t hit them nor stand their AOE hit.
Tough, and not as listed on that map :confused:

The purge has recently undergone some changes with the last patch. The wiki is player written and the purges are now random. That map is accurate as far as the purge level areas.

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