Is there any chance to get our old starting music back

One of the things I loved the most in this game was the starting music . Sometimes i was delaying to start the game just to listen all the theme before I start . I don’t say that the new starting music is not nice , still looking today the twitch live stream I get the chill when I listened the old fashion starting music . It would be nice to have an option to choose the starting music we want , thank you .


I know of one person who has grown to hate it and mutes my and hers TVs while loading. Won’t mention any names been married to her over 41 years. Please don’t bring that.!!


Ps. That is the old intro music she dislikes.


+1 from me.
30% of this game is the ambience, which smooths over the glitches and bugs a lot and lifts conan miles above ark, for me.
And the ambience is 90% epic poledouris style music.
sadly now that’s gone and it’s just a generic video game track with no personality.

i fixed this by reverting to the old version of the game via a 2 months old backup disk.

the old nusic as a toggle please.
(the 2 guys who prefer the new music can keep that and everyone is happy)


Hey @stelagel

We’ve sent your suggestion for our team to consider, to either rotate the main menu music or add a toggle to switch between available themes.
Thanks for the feedback.


Same here mate :laughing::laughing: “either play it or turn it off!!” Is what I’m used to hearing :joy:


Just got so loud during loading compared to in the game.

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Just make sure to tone down the music. As @sestus2009 has mentioned it’s just too loud when loading. If I am in a group voice chat it drowns everyone else out just to blast the loading music. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of the music and I have listened to the Conan movie soundtracks since I was very young but the loading music just drowns everything out and is just too loud

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that’s what volume sliders are for :wink:

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I have 2 teenager kids in my house listening to trap music loudly and I can’t speak , so when daddy’s time is coming if they don’t want to listen to my favourite theme as my game starts they can always put their headphones and go listen the trash they want to . Daddy’s time is Conan time and that’s period , the only person in my house that can tell me to lower the volume is my wife ofcurce ,or else :face_with_head_bandage:


I use my surround sound and wireless mic to speak through and the volume on the loading screen still over powers it.

The old loading screen volume was just too loud


My wife is a Redhead and a Gemini to boot, so I must listen!!! lol

But in all seriousness, she plays Conan Exiles too and agrees the old loading screen was loud and trumped all other sounds during the loading screen.


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