Will Funcom be adding any new music to the game?

It sounds like there’ll be a lot of good features and improvements in the 3.0 update. But will the devs be adding any new music to the game to add new life in this regard? I feel like this area is neglected, and I noticed after posting a question on reddit, most players play with the volume at zero because of the drum battle theme that always plays anywhere on the map.

I also can no longer play with the music on, I think the game has some really nice ost’s in different biomes, but that Kitahn age of conans drum theme when you’re chased is, after a few years very grating and immersion breaking.
It’s fitting when being chased by hyena’s or dafari cannibals on the southern river and desert, but all the different area’s could really do with new battle music, perhaps even the southern river too by now.

Age of conan has a lot of very good themes if more were drawn upon from that. And I think a lot of better battle themes, I really hope Funcom will consider this. It’s a huge part of a game and it’s atmosphere, its a shame if players feel they need to turn off the music.


idk… but they are better of bringing back a age of conan with unreal engine 5 graphics

i miss the original EL login music.
don’t get me wrong, the isle of siptah one is nice, but who doesn’t enjoy a classic?.

it would be nice to be able to turn off battle music, there are still some nice songs around the world.


I was wondering the same. Maybe that brilliant composer could make a few more tracks if Funcom makes a new map.

I would like to see some sort of item/music box that could be placed in your base that plays music from each ethnicity/religion. I don’t like how you walk around and all you hear is silence or the weird moaning of thralls.

Agreed, it was the most Conan thing in the game.


This :love_you_gesture:


To get hyped for online combat, I’ve been known to play the old theme on my trumpet while the game loads. My PS4 still has the old menu, so I leave it parked on my tv for a bit, occasionally. Like when I’m about to go work out!


Games and films about Conan has many cool soundtracks so I will just wait for them in game :))

Youtube has Age Of Conan Ost in spades.
I always have that on.
Can’t get the breakdancers outta my head though during the launch ceremony… UUURGH! :smiley:

I’d love this theme to play on dungeon bosses or something