Is there any way besides Twitter to learn about Twitch Drops?

I just missed the latest Twitch Drops because I don’t have a Twitter account and Twitter has very spotty access if you don’t have an account. I used to check it regularly and I don’t think Twitch gives good notifications either for new campaigns. Really annoyed with this approach of delivering new content. FOMO Twitch Drops and overpriced Bazaar items. I’ve lost a lot of interest in the game recently, but would still like an email or something about Twitch Drops. Hope they re-release old Twitch Drops or put in the Bazaar at least. Some of their business practises are quite disappointing and mind-boggling.


Facebook, they tell us about it on fb…

They should at least announce it ingame or the news page for example steam, xbox or playstation.
Not only on social ** media. There are people who wanna get rid of social media, not forced to be on there.


And Twitch is a pain, since they add ads… I am not interested anymore watching twitch since they choose this way to “monetize”…

You don´t have to sit and watch. Just choose a channel, mute it and let it run while doing household or other stuff. You can also split the watchtime in sections. Turn it on let it run as long as you do other things then turn it off and repeat it the next time you are away from your computer.

Its really not hard to get those drops.

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Not sure YouTube is your cup of tea, but we have covered pretty much every Twitch Drop so far, from availability to showcasing the items you can get. Doing our best to do so as soon as they become available, as far as that is possible. Shameless self-plug here.

Aside from that, Funcom should really feature active Twitch Drops on their launcher or at least prominently on their login screen. Since Drops are only around 2 weeks live now, it’s extremely easy to miss them, and some of the items are really nice and unique.


I don’t actually watch the streams. I’ve put them in the background and muted them. Which is another reason I think this way of delivering content is really unrewarding and silly. The issue I’m having is getting notified when they have these Twitch Drops. I often forget to regularly check their Twitter account and like I said, Twitter now severely limits access without an account. I don’t think you can view Facebook without an account either. I do not have a Twitter or Facebook account. I have a Steam, Twitch and email account. What more do they want? They should notify people using these other platforms. A regular email could upsell Bazaar items or whatever too.

Will you be hosting a Twitch stream at some point?

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The last time there was a twitch drop I got it from watching a known glitcher/cheater who brags about getting direct support from a funcom admin as he was literally the biggest stream at the time.

Zero oversight in how these are handled.

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No immediate plans to stream yet. But who knows what the future holds.


I discovered the twitch drop by lurking on Reddit. I found out about the campaign from reading a thread about over priced bazaar items. One poster said at least we have a drop coming up on Saturday. I did my due diligence and logged into my official servers and did a PSA. Maybe 1 out of 10 knew about it.

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I found this to be helpful resource for keeping up to date on Twitch Drops-


Thanks for the useful link :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:! I’d prefer to see announcements from Funcom here in our forum of course but such a bookmark is good too.

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