Is vaults inmune to trebs?

Vaults are cheap , I been blasting it with demon orbs, star metal and does no damage how stupid is this.

Is it actually raid time would be my first question.

Trebs would do damage.

Easiest would be 25 bombs (explosive jars) though.

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  1. Check is it pvp time from server settings
  2. Use repair hammer to see has the target taken damage

I can tell its in raid. Even though I quit two hours early because 20 starmetal, 4 Demon bombs, hp of vault stayed same.

So next day I did right at start of raid time wasting countless bombs I decided place bombs and destroyed it.

Has any else noticed or tried to use treb open up vault?

What exactly do you mean by starmetal?

Yes, it works.

Probably the starmetal ammo for trebuchets

That makes sense.

It is possible the new boulders have a bug.

Either way I wouldn’t waste time and resources using a treb to get rid of a vault.

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