**Island of Misfit Toys 18+ E/RP PV(X)** **New/casual player friendly. ** PC

Island of Misfit Toys 18+ E/RP PV(X) **New/casual player friendly. **

Be a king, a merchant or perhaps find your master, come write “your” story. Build a dream home, castle or small town (minimal build restrictions).

**Rules: ** ** Age 18+ Mandatory ** (See Discord for the rest)

Mods **Small list Building & (E)/RP focused ** (See Discord) Better yet, log on.

**Server direct connect: **

**(DEDICATED SERVER : (Running our instance of Conan only.) I7, SSD,32gb ram, fiber. No donations necessary.) **
Accelerated: Harvest, craft. Hub w/vendors, portals, map room, crafting area and arena.
Welcome kit: lvl 60 boost, starter pack, emotes.
All players have tpr /tpa, /vote time of day, /return. Max lvl 300.
**We encourage suggestions from players about improvements to make the server more enjoyable. **
** Server vison: We are building a solid friendly community. **
Rule Cops and White Knights need not apply
discord d4Ahsg7