PC MAG-Num The Island of Misfit Toys 18+ E/RP PV(X) PC

About US: Gathering of MMORPG gamers. Building a place for adult MMO gamers to enjoy.
Personal message from King Moonracer: “Come my misfit toys you are welcome here.”

We offer: Fun, adult, multi MMO game community. (Creep & Drama free.)
We want: People who will be an active part of the community.

The Island of Misfit Toys (Conan Server)
I7, 32GB, SSD. fiber (No donations needed!)
Responsive Admins. Small (RP focused) mod list (see Discord).
Hub: portals, starter kit: Lvl 60 boost, arena.
Accelerated harvesting & crafting. TPR/TPA/return Access. lvl 300 Max.
RP “open format”
Come, build to your hearts content*.
*(Exception no building on shared stuff, bosses, unlocks & scarce resources.)
Bring friends, lovers, slaves the more the sexier.

Discord Rules:
Required: Quick chat/admin for access to all the discord channels.
Adults only 18+
Respect others on the server.
Don’t be a douche canoe
Discord d4Ahsg7