MAG-Num The Island of Misfit Toys 18+ E/RP PV(X) PC

About US: Crazy group of MMORPG gamers.
Required: Quick chat/admin for discord access.
Personal message from King Moonracer: “Come my misfit toys you are welcome here.”

We offer: Fun, adult focused Community Feel. (Creep/Drama Free zone.)
We want: People who’ll be an active part of the community.

Mag is hosting : The Island of Misfit Toys
Conan Server: Dedicated: I7, 32GB, SSD. fiber (No donations needed!)
Responsive Admins. Small focused mod list (see Discord).
Hub W/portals, starter kit: Lvl 60 boost and starter pack, arena.
Accelerated harvesting/crafting. TPR/TPA/return Access. Max lvl 300.

RP “open format”
Escape the rat race, relax, build to your hearts content*, enjoy.
*(No building on shared stuff, bosses, unlocks scarce resources.)
Bring friends, lovers, slaves.

Discord Rules:
Adults only 18+
Respect others on the server.
Don’t be a douche canoe.
Discord d4Ahsg7