Isle of Pit [PVE-C UK] Havoc clan lfm


Havoc is on the prowl for more like-minded architectural experimenters, we are based in Mounds of the Dead on the Isle of Pit (UK PVE-c) server.Moving to Mounds of the Dead is entirely optional but building of a home is highly recommended to expand us even further to eventually have the community call it Mounds of Havoc instead! We have been on the server for a long time and pride ourselves in helping the community and our attention to detail with our own builds. We do not have strict rules only a few, if building in Mounds of the dead stick to the build material type and if you use it, replace it! Speak to DrLollipop in game on the Isle of pit server

pasta this into search bar to find out more about the server it self and its rules

Direct Connection Isle of Pit UK server