Isle of Siptah - bugs noticed thus far

Game mode: | Single-player |
Type of issue: | Bug | Performance |
Server type: private / local / single-player
Region: Canada / North America
Hardware: Xbox Series X

Bug Description:

*Firstly, can’t find a foal. Anywhere. Watched YouTube video on all the places to get them and yet, despite spending hours in those regions couldn’t find a single one, had to admin panel a pet horse in. I’m over level 30 also.

Which brings me to my next problem: my horse has since disappeared. It shows up on my feed box, I can hear it neigh on occaison, but it is absolutely no where to be found. And neither is my pet lynx which I paid $200 gold coin for and spent hours raising. Both show up on the feed box at my base, both are gone. I even checked the event log and there was nothing about them dying.

And lastly, the bat demons boss in the Bastion of the Bat-demons dungeon will not spawn for me. Cleared out the whole dungeon, got to the end, no boss. Restarted my game and went back in, still no boss. Which also henceforth means that I cannot open the last door to get the treasure and get out of the dungeon easily so I have to trek all the way back to the entrance to get out

Further update: the wolf dungeon boss also isn’t spawning so I think this is probably the case for all the devolved dungeon bosses on the Xbox Siptah DLC.


Your pets may of sunk under the map.

Fantastic lol is there a way to retrieve them?

Admin ghost mode to manually retrieve them.

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