Isle of Siptah: Can't catch thralls anymore

Hi. I can’t catch any thrall for a few days. Even at the bigger spots this is no longer possible, e.g. in X’chotl. Please fix this as soon as possible,


Could you explain what you mean? You can’t knock them out? Or you can’t leash them?

Also, are you on an official or unofficial server? I’m on a private server, and I’ve been knocking out thralls left and right lately with the Bounty Hunting event going on.

Since the last update I’m not able to knock them out.

I don’t know if the server is official or unofficial. I forgot to mention that this happens on the Isle of Siptah.

PS: In the time before the last update I was able to knock them out and put them into the wheel.

Hi @Gryswold

Could you please use the given Bug Report Template?

This template has most of the information we need to start investigating and will make the process a lot quicker for everyone

You can find it here: NEW Bug Report Template

Thank you for helping us with with this investigation.