Isle of siptah : Lore? Or mission or?

Hello, not long tim ago i went to that island where are humans, i found there Valeria so what i found out and want to know

  1. Maybe bug but she got only audio voice, no text at all, also because of that i could not understand all text…

Now about question:
If i got it right , after she told about some thiefs ( probably that boooze cave maybe )
She talked something about mid tower, said something about like " U need to climb the tower of siptah to … After … Monsters"

So what i dont get , that is like lore or mission to “climb the tower”? I mean i tryed to climb it , died… I tryed in singleplayer even use admin to fly up there, all the time all doors are closed and if u get to top u basic hit skybox and die once i somehow bugged in tower from top in singleplayer, well it was like undermesh bug, when u can see tru walls, but on bottom of tower i see some black cube?

So to direct question : Anyone know what is that climb to tower or how to get inside tower? thats in game already or not or what are valeria talking about?

Likely LaterTM.

You only need the backening lore
You play your own game

  • Explore
  • Survive
  • Build
  • Kill
  • Trade
  • And so on

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