Issues connecting to friend's Multiplayer world

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [NA]


Today my friend and I have been having an issue with being able to join her co-op save. I can receive her invitation to join and I will start loading in, but as soon as my loading bar gets full (after about 5 minutes of loading), I am immediately booted to the main menu with two error messages. “Disconnected from Server” and “Could Not Connect to Game.” Nothing has changed in either of our set ups since we last played together, but today we spent literal hours trying to connect. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Attempt to connect to friend’s co-op server
  2. Wait for it to connect
  3. Wait some more
  4. Connection to server lost


We are still experiencing this issue. We have attempted numerous things we’ve found on the internet that might help. Unfortunately to no avail.

Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Hi @rosensorcerer, welcome to the community!

Could you ensure that both consoles are on a wired connection?

Have you both tried to reset the console cache or to perform a soft factory reset while keeping games and apps?

Do either of you have any issues connecting to an online server?

Thanks for the response!

Both consoles are hardwired, we have both done console cache clears and factory resets while keeping games and apps.

We can both connect to online servers without any issues at all. Don’t even have to retry once to do it.

We’ll register this occurrence for out team to look into, could you also let us know if your friend is able to join your session?

If possible, could your friend back up the save and experiment with creating a new game for you to try and join?

I will see if she can join my session. We’ll also attempt with a backup as well.

Backup on XBox ? How can this be done ?

Apologies for confusing this with a PS4 case, due to platform related limitations it’s not possible to backup saves in a similar fashion on the XBOX.

In any case rosensorcerer please let us know if your friend is able to join your session.

She was able to load into my world perfectly fine in a single attempt.

Having played Ark a few years back, I assumed that connection issues were natural in the engine when attempting to join and never questioned why joining her games would take multiple attempts, even when we first started our Conan world.

Just an update -
One evening we were able to get a connection. It lasted several hours before it kicked me. This was two days ago and we haven’t been able to get connection since. So connection is possible.

Thank you for keeping us posted, we’ll add this information to the issue ticket.

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