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I have played successfully in co-op with my boyfriend a couple of times (in the same house) but recently every single time he tries to invite me to our co-op game it says that I failed to join the game or lost connection to the server. I have cleared my cache and reset the xbox one while keeping games and apps and neither of these things have helped at all. We are not on wired connections, but I’m also curious as to if there are any solutions other than connecting to ethernet.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try to join a co-op game.

Hello @ornatekitty, welcome to the forums.

We do recommend that a wired connection is used to ensure maximum stability, as Conan Exiles can behave erratically on less stable connections. Some users that have experienced this also reported succeeding in joining the session by continuously trying to connect.

This is an issue that we’re also looking into and will hopefully address in a future patch.

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