Co-op Not Working

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I recently started a new co-op game in Conan with the intent of playing with four other friends. On the first day everything seemed to work fine, everyone going out and building shelter. On the next day though, one of my friends was unable to connect to the world and would get an immediate notice that said he had `Failed to join requested game’.

Now mind you, this friend in particular has some rather finicky internet and it is common for him to lag out, or disconnect from the game. The problem is that this issue has gone on to affect my other friends as well and they have more reliable internet. The thing is, they are able to connect after a couple of failed attempts, but my finicky internet friend gets nothing but failed notices almost immediately.

His NAT type is almost always strict and mine likes to play around and tell me it’s open when it’s strict, or vice versa. Could that be what is keeping us from playing?

I have noticed a lot of others complain that they can no longer connect to servers, so is this just a bug that has come with the latest update?

Hello @TimJacDraWay, welcome to the forums!

The singleplayer and cooperative modes use a different client that the online mode.

If you create a cooperative session you’ll be hosting the game yourself through your console, so there are no servers involved, which may be problematic if there are any issues between your ISPs or if any of the connections is unstable. Strict NATs can also cause connectivity issues with the coop sessions.

Could you ensure that all participants, including the host, have their consoles on a wired connection?

Also, is your friend with a finicky connection able to play online or does he also have issues?

I’m also having a hard time connecting to Conan exiles single player/Coop mode for Xbox one. It kicks me right back to main dashboard, not problems with regular online playing.

I also have difficulty entering the servers, he says that I have been expelled from the server in all my servers

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