Issues with the map?

Hi, I don’t know where to go for this, the whole help setup is really confusing. I can’t help but think I’ve found a map programming issue.

This is regarding Conan Exiles on the PS4. On map F-11 at the bottom in the middle of this square section, there is a small hill climb and as you get to the top, there is a hole where a player can fall in without warning, unable to climb out and freeze to death. Did the programmer deliberately put it here? or Was this a programming issue. Please tell me this was a programming issue and not put there as some kind of joke to gamers because we lost everything :frowning: . The only thing we didn’t lose was our Following Thalls which returned back to the base and when we looked on the map, our corpses went even located on the map.


You might want to attach a picture (use a phone or something as I know your pain with ps4 screengrabs) and put in a bug report as it is probably completely unintentional. That will elevate it a bit and it could be easier to address when they handle the missing grass in the north.
Oh and since coords arent easy on ps4, include a pic of the map to nail down the spot with your marker next to it.

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Isle Of Siptah, or Exiled Lands?

In Isle Of Siptah there are a some like that that were purposely modeled into the map. One even has a name - I forget what - something with “Smokey” in the name I think and is filled with poison gas. Another is straight down about 5 blocks deep and less then one block wide - closer to one pillar wide. At the bottom (or end) of these things there is usually a couple of chests with almost nothing in them. If you’re a new player with full falling damage and not much HP, you can die in them.

Something like that?

I don’t think you can freeze to death on Siptah.

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