It is 2024, is InGame Voice Chat still broken on PS5?

I love that game but I am missing the InGame Voice Chat now since 2021. Is there any information about the InGame Voice Chat on PS5?

All the new stuff in the Gameplay is worthless, if the interaction between Players is not possible.

Solutions like Discord or PS Partychat are not comfortable, because you don’t hear how far is the player away from your location and you have to know his name, to contact him.

I remember in 2021, you could talk to players who where near to your location… But after a Patch it was gone…

So Devs, what is the Problem with the Voive Chat on PS5? … Any Plans to bring it back… I would love to spend more money for the Cosmetics, but without the possibility of a comfortable Roleplay via Voice Chat it is worthless to buy that stuff.

We have in game voice chat all the time. It doesn’t work if you are in a party, but I spoke to a player the other day. Are they muted on your player list?

In game voice chat is OP, so they don’t talk about it until there is a solution.

If you just need chat and headset, then use discord.

You are kidding, aren‘t you?!? We tried it again and again on different servers with PS4 and PS5. No one was able to hear his neighbour.

So if that is true, we will be glad to reinstall the Game :grinning:. But I will believe it, when I see it…

What are you meaning with OP? On Plan maybe?
Sorry for asking, but English is not my native language.

I did have everyone muted, but after I unmuted them, it worked.

I don’t use it all the time, because I am usually in a chat with players I know.

I’ve never had it work for years. Even tried it with @everybodyvsME recently… to no avail. Not sure what you’re doing differently.


I can only note there is an exploit there.

I see there is a report-received tag, which means it’s been logged somewhere else, already.

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