Ps4 voice chat causing really bad issues

please fix ps4 voice chat, it ruins the game for so many situations. ive attacked people thinking they attacked me first but they were the wrong tribe in the wrong place and so much drama started that could have been 100% avoided if we could talk

I can’t even find anywhere where they are acknowledging that this is an issue. Had the game since launch…still no PS4 voice chat…

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PS4 has voice chat. The problem is not many people are using it. I’ve only come across one player so far that was using it. A mic icon appears if they are using game chat. I think most players running together or in groups are using party chat instead.

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Yes voice chat works but u pretty much have to be standing right next to the person. Also it breaks up really badly making it hard to hear and understand people. So most are using PS party chat. But even that is a problem. This game has a habit of kicking people out of party chat as well. Do not know why though.

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no there are large amounts of people who literally cannot use voice chat, no one car hear them, and their mic symbol does not appear at all. it just straight up doesnt work

actually i think you may be right, i just tested it with my friend and turned my mic way up, thats good news. good call

update for everyone, ill make a separate post about this, but voice chat is very laggy when youre in a menu

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