Local chat and mic problem

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Misc]
Region: [North America]

I have seen upwards of 20 threads regarding this same problem and I have yet to see a developer response to even address that they know the issue exists. Some people on the PS4 console do not have the ability to engage in local chat with other players. In the server player list no microphone icon appears next to our names. On my server specifically which is an official server my name is the only one that does not have a mic icon available. I can hear other players in my proximity speak. But I have no recourse to engage with them. An email to funcom got no resolution. And they suggested that I see if my voice chat was disabled in the game settings. This is concerning since no such option exists within the settings of the game. The only audio options we can adjust are our volume levels. So apparently the customer’s service department is really not familiar with the GUI of the product. Myself, like so many others, are using functional mics plugged into our controllers. We are able to engage in PS4 Party Chat without a problem and have to speak with clan mates using that method.
But for some reason the game does not identify us as having a mic available and we cannot communicate with other players in game.

At least acknowledge the issue.

Yeah please. I will not play the game until this is resolved. I got a level 50 character , and I want to meet people. Tired of big 5 man clans group, and tired of being unable to try to make people join my clan.